(The Corvids #1)

The Corvids is a four-part paranormal romantic suspense series. Delve into the depths of darkness, magic and love in this murder mystery/coming of age quartet!

Arabel Spade, a young girl living in the strange and mystical land of The Corvids, determines to solve a brutal series of murders using her unique paranormal abilities. Through her perilous journey, Arabel learns about herself, the dark secrets which stain her family history and the passions and rigors of first love.

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(The Corvids #2)

Francesca de Lorimar, the beautiful Gypsy necromancer from Ravenswood Glen, is called to investigate a murder at Talus Hall and exorcise the unruly poltergeists which nightly ravage the mansion. During her quest to unravel the truth, Francesca discovers scorching secrets about herself, her parentage, and of power, as she stumbles headlong into first love and battles the ancient evil which stalks The Corvids.

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I Raid is a hardcore and poetic response to the dark side of contemporary Western culture. Written entirely in second person narrative and present tense, I Raid is a gritty novel of a man struggling to transcend the guilt he feels after killing a small child in a robbery gone wrong and witnessing the executions of his criminally-inclined compatriots by unknown hitmen. I Raid is a novel about isolation, about the stark panic which ensues when you cut yourself off from your own emotional epicenter. Saving him from his misguided belief that the only way to expiate his conscience is to deny love, our anti-hero is thrown a cataclysmic curve ball when he crashes into the car of a beautiful stranger during a getaway on the Hollywood Freeway. Resolving the murders of his friends, losing and winning love while fatefully escaping into his heroin riddled past, our unnamed anti-hero is forced to embrace his humanity, ultimately atoning for and overcoming the shortcomings of his soul.

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